Joy In The Moment Retreat

“A Retreat for Those Who Want to Thrive in Times of Chaos and Uncertainty”

A Weekend to Discover

A 3 day small group immersion into creating personal peace through love and compassion.  A weekend to discover and embrace the limitless abundance of creativity, resilience, and power that exists within you, All the Time!  Whatever you're doing now, whatever is challenging you at an emotional level, you'll do it better after this retreat!

The events and circumstances of life come hard and heavy sometimes.  Whether it be personal issues like job dissatisfaction, relationships gone bad, toxic opinions causing rifts in families and friendships, and on and on.  If any of the following speak to you, then I would love to see you join me for a real holiday on this Memorial Day weekend, a holiday just for you. 

Are You Experiencing Any of These in Your Life?

  • Are you weary of the polarization and disintegrating norms in society that are driving wedges between family, friends, and colleagues?
  • Is there a relationship that is dysfunctional or toxic that you want to find peace with?
  • Do you feel out of sync with life, out of the Flow?
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    Do you see yourself falling behind friends, family, or peers in creating the life of your dreams?
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    Are the words "Need", "Should", and "Wish" a big part of your vocabulary?

The (Insert Your Name Here) Weekend!

Allow Your True Self to Shine

This will be a safe space to look inside and reconnect to the natural You, the child, born without limitation or judgment, infinitely creative, joyful for no reason, flowing with life effortlessly and buoyantly.  You will be able to laugh, cry, share, love, create a space of awareness inside to allow your true self to shine and lead!
  • Loving yourself first so you can love others (aka The Flight Attendant Rule)
  • How to Thrive, virtually eliminate stress in your life
  • Find peace in every moment by understanding where feelings and emotions come from
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    Be a part of a movement that is For something and not against something else
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    A new definition of Perfect (aka The Look In The Mirror Rule)

A Retreat Like No Other

Some programs say they will change your thinking to change your results, usually by inventing affirmations, positive thinking tricks, self hypnosis, and various and sundry self-help devices.  This retreat will simply show you how to examine your thinking in order to understand where it’s coming from and how to create the results you want.  You will learn how to experience life from a self-administered state of Joy - Simply and Effortlessly! 

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” - Dalai Lama

Years ago I discovered that there is no world “out there”, that everything we experience is a creation of the infinite potential that flows through us all the time.  Simply stated, you have the capacity to create a world that pleases and satisfies you within your own unlimited potential. I’ve come to see that most of us are living in only a small circle of that infinite potential, unaware of what’s really possible and too insecure and/or comfortable to look deeper.
Joy in the Moment is an immersive self-exploratory weekend designed to expand the size of your circle. It will help you to increase your productivity, evolve your creative expression, and unleash your impact by taking a fresh look into what’s really possible in the world.  It will show you how your thinking is the source of all the apprehension, stress, and negative emotions that keep you from experiencing joy. Most importantly, it will teach you how you can change that thinking, and the emotions that arise from it, simply and effortlessly. 
At the beginning of our three days together, I’ll be asking you for a “wish list” of changes you’d like to make and things you’d like to create as a result of our time together.
Then we’ll put the list to one side for awhile as you learn to find, rest in, and operate from a deeper space inside yourself.   When we take a look at things from a quieter, more settled down place within us, the intelligence of the higher mind begins to emerge and guide the way.

A Transformative Experience

By the end of the three days, you can expect to have a fresh take on both your list and your life.  Your own experience will be unique to you, but you will see that you and your fellow companions are but one, inextricably connected beyond your physical presence.  You will feel better than you have in ages – refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the world. And, because of the transformative nature of this experience, the impact of these three days will continue to unfold over the weeks and months to come.
  • You will learn how to become more of who you want to be - simply and effortlessly.
  • You will learn a simple understanding of how life ALWAYS works. and how to use
    this understanding to flow in sync with everything.
  • You will learn how to see the distinction between the content of your thoughts and your thinking itself.
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    You will learn how habits are eliminated identifying the thoughts that sustain them.
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    You will learn how to recognize the humanity in everyone.
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    And, as a super bonus, you will get two personal one-one coaching sessions from me to follow on and enhance your transformation.

You will discover your infallible inner guidance for wisdom and well being.

Retreat Details

We will spend a beautiful Memorial Day weekend together in a perfect place, the Granville Inn in Granville, Ohio. David Wetmore is your host and you can learn more about him on his business website, Intentional Excellence LLC.  
May 23-25, 2020
Granville, Ohio 

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About Granville

Granville, Ohio is a quaint, New England style town filled with distinctive architecture and friendly neighbors. Stroll down the shady streets and enjoy the shops, restaurants and more!

You will need to make your own reservations if you’re planning to spend one or more nights near the venue. The Granville Inn has a limited number of rooms available and the Buxton Inn, right next door, also has some charming, old-school accommodations. There are other
hotels/motels/B&B's as well as network hospitality services such as Airbnb in the area:

The Buxton Inn
Granville Inn
Granville, Ohio

The Village of Granville has several excellent attractions. Denison University is located within easy walking distance. There are many shops, restaurants, taverns, galleries, and the university golf course is just steps away.
The Newark EarthWorks are just a few minutes away by automobile. The EarthWorks consist of several separate locations and are the largest conflagration of mound building sites in the world.

Newark Earthworks

About Your Host

It has been a dream of mine to host a spiritual retreat for many years. One of my first really transformational experiences in the early 2000’s was a retreat and I know what power one has to truly change the direction of our lives. You can read more about me on my website but know that I am happy that you have come this far in reading about this venture and it will be an honor to have you attend!

Victor Kidd

President/CEO Kidd Coffee, Pastor
Wananalua Congregational Church, Hana, HI

An ancient teacher once said many are called, but few are chosen. David is without question, one of the chosen.  He is an astounding human growth and development consultant, offering his guidance to his clients for all the right reasons in all the right ways.  Dave’s bold vision to teach the principles and practices of attracting intrinsic and extrinsic wealth is evident in all that Dave does, in the community and in his business.  Being included in Dave’s dynamic Mastermind groups was a life changing experience for me and I know every seeker of authentic success would enjoy them.