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ANY PROBLEM you wish was behind you..
Work, home, play ... The bigger the better!

It’s simple, pick something that has plagued you for awhile, something that resists giving in, an intractable problem (at least seems to be intractable), and let's make it disappear!

You know there’s a solution!


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You know there’s a solution because other people don't have your problem, people who are no brighter, talented, or resourceful than you are. For whatever reason you can't get past it.

It could be something at home, at work, or at play. Something that should be within your abilities and means to accomplish if you could just figure out how! That’s it.

Just so you know that I’m not wasting your time, I’ll personally write you a check to cover every minute of your lost time if you’re not completely satisfied!

I briefly worked with David regarding ways to maximize business opportunities. I found him to be pleasant, insightful and creative. He pointed out some limiting beliefs I held that did not serve my business goals and shared important ways to measure growth. Using examples and scenarios David made abstract concepts clearer and simple to implement. He delivered a simple, creative solution that no one in my field has talked about or, to my knowledge, made use of. This one change allows me to work with my clients sooner, allowing them to see the benefits of my services.

Juli Ocean  (Ghost Writer, Writing Coach & Mentor)

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David Wetmore

CEO, Intentional Excellence LLC


Note: My role is to assist you with creating the insights or ideas that we believe will resolve your difficulty. You are free to use any ideas that evolve from our discussion. However, you are solely responsible for actions undertaken for the resolution we produce. Looking forward to a great discussion!

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