Psychology of Mind - Beyond the Intellect

April 12-14, 2018

Whatever you're doing now, You'll do it better after this retreat! Guaranteed!

For Coaches, Teachers, Therapists, HR Professionals.

In this retreat, we will look together towards the source of all your inner power and learn how to tap into it at every moment...

Some workshops work to help you change your thinking to change your results. 

This retreat will help you see your thinking for what it really is. How to see the distinction between the content of your thoughts and the thinking process itself.

  1. How to become more of who you want to be, simply and effortlessly.
  2. You will learn and understand how life always works and how to use that understanding to flow in sync with everything, all the time.
  3. You will see the distinction between the content of your thoughts and the thinking process itself.

Discover your inner guidancewisdom and well-being.

  • The inside-out model of creation
  • Eliminating habits by identifying the thoughts that sustain them.
  • Recognizing the humanity in everyone
  • Loving yourself so that you can love everyone else
  • Learning how to flow with life
  • Finding peace in every moment.

We will spend a beautiful weekend in the perfect place..... 

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Beyond the Intellect - Psychology of Mind

The All Life Center, Delaware Ohio

Friday - Saturday

April 12-14,

Payment: $499 

Enroll NOW and get $100 Early Bird discount! 


Enroll NOW and take advantage of
Early Bird discount! $499  $399

"Life changing experience!"
Victor Kidd

Mayor, City of Mason, Ohio

"More energy, greater clarity!"


I am so confident that this workshop will be one of the most transformative experiences of your life that you will get a complete refund of your fees if you're not completely satisfied!

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