Dream to Project

Yes, I want to make my Dream real! 

Here's How The Process Works

$100 Refundable Deposit.

First, I collect a $100 "real person" deposit. This is completely refundable and it's just to keep the time-wasters at bay. You get it back immediately after we talk (or whenever you want.)

Quick Questionnaire

Then I give you a brief questionnaire so I can learn more about your business and plans. This helps me prepare for our conversation in advance so we can get the most out of it.

Schedule The Call

Next, my office will schedule our call together. We can typically be on the phone no later than three days from when you first contact us.

Coaching call

We are going to talk about you, your life, your dreams, whatever you want and how to look at things differently. You will see how our work together can help you shift your life to the next level!

If You Decide To Become A Client, Here's What I'm Going to Do For You

It is a laser focused 12 session commitment to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I’ll do the coaching, we'll create a plan together, and you’ll do the work.  You will be responsible for your own results that proceed from your actions

The agenda is thus:

  • An initial, complimentary session where we establish a desired outcome and gauge your level of commitment to make it happen
  • Regularly scheduled calls (and/or face to face meetings)
  • Action steps you create each session with review and critique next session.
  • I will provide inspiration, collaboration, and objectivity - whatever you demand of me

The full price for working with me and bringing your dream to life is $3,800. We will work together for 4-5 months and during that time you will convert your Dream into a Project. It is a focused 12 session commitment to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I’ll do the coaching, you’ll do the work, the blocking and tackling!

But rather than try to convince you how great it is, I'd rather just help you in advance ...for free ...by reviewing your current situation and giving you a customized coaching plan specifically for you.

If you're happy with that, we'll enroll you in the Dream to Project program or get you going with your own custom plan, we'll figure that out.

Sound good?

Then let's get started.