C3 Roundtable

Creators Club of Columbus ​Roundtable

C3 Roundtable is a monthly peer advisory Power Group intended for anyone who wants to make better decisions and achieve better results in their professional life. I call it Vistage Lite, less pretentious, more feeling! We gather together as a trusted, confidential alliance to work with our toughest challenges and biggest opportunities. This is not a referral or networking group, it’s a thoughtful business development club that uses the collective power of the members to create insights and ideas that fuel growth and improvement for all. This is a serious program intended for a select group who are committed to creating and achieving massive results in every area of their lives. Please join us every 1st Friday of the month in Westerville Ohio and watch your business grow!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

       Who Is It For?

           Growth minded professionals — entrepreneurs, sales leaders, business owners, etc. — who:

  • Recognize the power of a group to overcome challenges and grow professionally
  • Don’t already have an advisory board for help with business development
  • Place a high value on serving and helping others succeed professionally
  • Are ready and willing to take action in order to succeed beyond their current reality and circumstance

       Expectations for results:

  • The sole purpose, the raison d'être of C3 is your success!
  • You will receive unconditional support, encouragement, accountability, whatever you need most from those who have committed to help make you and your business successful.
  • You will solve problems and overcome challenges through creative insights and ideas by brainstorming with others.
  • You’ll gain increased confidence in yourself and make real progress in your business and personal life.
  • You’ll be around people who are willing to raise the bar for themselves and will do the same for you.
  • This will be a highlight of your month!


"I am impressed with David's ability to create a safe environment where each person can explore the blocks to their own personal and professional growth. I left with a clear plan to move forward as well as an excitement in the knowledge that I was finally moving in the direction of achieving my goals."

Lisa Stromeier LISW, Entrepreneur, Business Owner