About Us

Hi, my name is David Wetmore.

I am the founder and Chief Inspirational Officer of Intentional Excellence. Our Mission Statement is “To empower individuals and organizations to achieve beyond their current beliefs by teaching concepts that inspire exceptional thinking and invite insights into new possibilities." We have a passion for helping people achieve beyond what they think is possible with their current thinking. 

About Intentional Excellence

I.E. was founded in 2008 to provide life coaching and leadership development. We work with organizations and individuals to change paradigms that keep them from achieving what they know is possible. Everyone is a gifted creator, that's our natural state, and what we do is help people recognize and understand that it is available in any moment. We accomplish this through personal one-to-one coaching, group and organizational programs, seminars and workshops. 

"You And Your Agenda"

We work with business organizations to assist with solving complex problems that keep them from achieving their goals and aspirations. Our only agenda is whatever is YOUR most pressing issue. Together we work towards creating the dynamics for ongoing success using what we call Awareness Principles, a framework that provides an understanding of how the state of mind of the individuals affects not only themselves but the entire organizations and teams that they are a part of.

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

"The Heart Of The Matter"

We work exclusively within the human dimension, clearing limiting beliefs, generating ideas, evaluating relationships, discovering passions, and creating purpose, meaning, and satisfaction at work, which, not coincidentally, carries over into all aspects of life. We are passionate about our clients' success and well-being, because our success depends on that! Our services include group and one-one coaching, organizational  and team programs, as well as motivational and inspirational workshops and seminars.

About David Wetmore

David is a philosopher, entrepreneur, writer, and executive life coach. His passion is teaching. As a coach and visionary, he is able to use insights and creativity to assist people with finding their own true passion and purpose. He has been taught by some of the preeminent coaches in the world, including Bob Proctor, Steve Chandler, and Michael Neill. His own life experience includes many notable accomplishments in fields as varied as army paratrooper to small business owner, auto mechanic to coal miner, environmental scientist to husband and father.

David has been a consultant for over 25 years. He owned an air pollution engineering firm for many years, and before that worked for a number of environmental consulting firms. His clientele includes several global Fortune 500 companies including Toyota Motor Corporation, Dupont Chemicals, Proctor & Gamble, General Motors, and more. He built a reputation as someone who could always get the job done right, sometimes more through resilience and innovation than straightforward means. 

 Larry Watson 

 Founder "Inspiring Connections" 

“David is an exceptional coach who is focused on his client's needs. He has great intuition for asking the questions that allowed me to find and dissolve my obstacles; and to clarify my abilities, talents, and potential. David is gifted with awareness of his client's stage and state so that he can lift people up to be their best.” 

"The Power Of Belief"

Throughout his life and career, David has always been a teacher and mentor to colleagues, friends, and family. He works diligently with his clients to help them uncover their best and achieve beyond their own current beliefs. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone have that “Aha” moment, or achieve something that previously seemed beyond their reach!

David's experience as an entrepreneur and successful business owner, coupled with extensive training in human growth and development, enables him to serve clients in unique and insightful ways. Serving is his highest aspiration and his intention is to bring that attitude to every relationship. 

"Returning To Your Natural State"

"My coaching is about discovering your passion and then creating the life you want to live through that passion. Along the way we’ll also uncover the things that truly give your life meaning and create your purpose around your unique gifts. We’ll examine the habits, paradigms, and stories that have been incorporated into your subconscious mind and that hold you back without your even realizing it. It’s not about tips or techniques, advice or strategy, it’s about finding the real You, the You that knew anything was possible when you were a child, the You that’s likely been covered up and stifled with the trials and tribulations of life. It’s about recognizing that you still are that child, a wonderful divine child of the Universe, a fantastic powerful being with unlimited potential." 

 John Neuhart 

 Fractional COO at Synapses 

“David is incredibly insightful; he brings a creativity to problem solving which is second to none. Through his transformational coaching sessions with me, I have been able to change several long-held beliefs, and have found a gateway toward reaching the goals which have eluded me in my life thus far. Thank you David!” 

"Surprise And Amaze Yourself"

You will surprise and amaze yourself as the doors of possibility begin to open, and those around you will be even more amazed and anxious to get what you have. If this sounds too good to be true, then you probably shouldn’t contact me. But, if your heart of hearts is telling you right now that there’s probably some truth in these words, then give me a call, shoot me an email, or do a little more digging on my site and let that feeling inside grow, because that’s the real You trying to get your attention, wanting you to create the amazing life It knows you are capable of creating.