"Liberating The Unlimited Potential Within Individuals And Organizations For Creating Innovative Solutions To Complex Problems"

"What We Do"

Intentional Excellence teaches an understanding of what we call Awareness Principles in our organizational engagements. These principles present a simple understanding of human behavior that goes far beyond traditional and accepted management doctrine. There are several practitioners of these principles in a number of countries around the world, all of which derive from the teachings of Sydney Banks and what is known as The Three Principles. 

"Life is like any other contact sport. You may encounter hardships of one sort or another. Wise people find happiness not in the absence of such hardships, but in their ability to understand them when they occur."

~ Sydney Banks

"How We Work"

We focus exclusively on the human dimension, presenting an understanding of the mind and thinking processes that enables participants to more readily assess and respond to current circumstances in every moment. This is not about systems, or techniques, that are effective only to the degree that the individuals learn and practice the training. We present an opportunity for an understanding that brings a clarity of thinking that allows insights to flow freely and creatively.

That’s the basis of our work with individuals, groups, and organizations. Our engagements teach people where to look for the solutions that reside, usually out of sight, within themselves. Everyone has everything they need within themselves, we simply show them where to look. 

Significant increases in company's:

  •     Profits
  •     Employee Retention
  •     Goal Achievement
  •     Innovation & Solutions
  •     Efficiency
  •     Mission Fulfillment

"Better Performance And Productivity"

We work with leadership teams, departments and entire organizations. We help groups of people within organizations work well together and draw on their collective strengths and wisdom. Our work changes the climate and culture of businesses and organizations in ways that reduce stress and enable everyone to enjoy their work more, collaborate better, communicate more effectively and perform at higher levels. Furthermore this new perspective, improved state of mind, clarity and enjoyment carries over into all aspects of life.

"Powerful Results"  

The most important factor affecting an organization or team’s ability to create solutions to difficult problems, or to operate efficiently and productively, is the state of mind of the individuals within it. Working with Intentional Excellence, you and your team will learn how the solution to problems and challenges lies innately within your collective minds and how to effortlessly access the wisdom to produce the desired result. Some other significant anecdotal observations in organizations that have incorporated this state of mind wisdom into their culture are:

✔ major increase in remaining calm under pressure

✔ major increase in feelings of respect and goodwill.

✔ measurable decrease in absenteeism, error rates, meetings, employee burn-out and stress.

Significant increases in personal:

  •     Well-being
  •     Clarity of Mind
  •     Resilience
  •     Performance and Productivity  
  •     Leadership Ability
  •     Creative Thinking
  •     Rapport Building & Teamwork

"The Universal Dynamic Behind Human Behavior"

You will learn how the principles that define human experience operate which allows insights to flow effortlessly and create access to higher levels of performance at any time. You and your team will gain an understanding that will enhance your individual and collective clarity and creativity for problem solving. Your team will gain a better overall sense of goodwill and rapport that enables them to work together always drawing out the best in each other.

 Chris Snook, 

 Business coach, bestselling Author of
Wealth Matters


Over the top!

*Dave Wetmore is what I call the "COMPANY COACH!" He has been at the top of his profession and was able to seamlessly make the leap into the coaching industry. His application of the Universal Laws of Success in his own business and now with his executive and corporate clients is what sets him apart. If you want to ensure that your company is at the top of your industry, then let Dave Wetmore loose on your organization and reap the rewards!”

Please contact us for a brief introduction to this teaching and experience. We are available for lunch & learn workshops, one-one sessions, or virtual presentations. Your program will be unique to you and your organization, but the results will be remarkable!

Intentional Excellence LLC

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David Wetmore, Founder & Leader

I work with successful professionals and organizations to assist with solving complex problems that keep them from achieving their goals and aspirations.  As a Transformative Coach, I have one agenda, whatever is YOUR most pressing issue. I am passionate about my clients' success and well-being, because my success depends on that!