"Peace of mind is not the result of success, it's the foundation for success .On your terms! That foundation is my only agenda."

“We’re All Doing The Best We Can Given The Thinking We Have That Looks Real To Us.”

That’s the basis of my work with individuals, groups, and organizations.  I focus exclusively on the human dimension, helping individuals to think with more clarity and ease, and to feel better about themselves and their lives.  This higher sense of self and peace of mind allow insights to flow effortlessly to create solutions for obstinate situations and intractable, persistent problems.  My engagements teach people where to look for the solutions that always reside within themselves, but just out of sight.  I call my style No Agenda Coaching

“Show Him Where To Fish.”

There's an old Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you'll feed him for life.”  However, there's one more factor that's overlooked in that adage, where are the fish?  I show people where to fish, where to look to find the source of knowledge and wisdom that is always available.  People want to feel better about themselves and their world, and catching fish is sure to make that happen.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

~ Albert Einstein

Individual Coaching

"It Is What It Is!"

We are all born with everything we need to achieve whatever our minds can conceive. It is our natural state and it's always there and available to us if we just look in the right direction.  Awareness of this deeper intelligence within is the single best means to create greater happiness, enhanced ability, and lasting change.  Just as an iceberg reveals only a small portion of itself, so too the human mind has a depth and capacity that when tapped can yield tremendous insights and creative ideas.

"Creating Change To The Status Quo"

I work with adults of all ages and walks of life who are looking to improve their quality of life.  Maybe you are going through a significant transition, looking to improve your business, finding more time, stressed out at work or home, having a hard time making decisions, or even enjoying your life at any level, contact me.  I will show you how you can feel better.

Let's have a conversation and see if we can create some clarity around a challenge or an undesirable situation

 Steve Chandler

 Business coach, bestselling Author of
Reinventing Yourself 

Work with the best!

"Dave Wetmore is a thoughtful, wise and intelligent coach with absolute over-the-top dedication to his clients' success...if you get a chance to work with him, jump at it."  

"A Happy And Stress Free Life Is An Option!"

Working with me, you will begin to understand how to change your life from the inside out, to find harmony and resilience amidst all circumstances.  How you got here is less important than where you want to go. Instead,  I help people get in touch with their innate mental health, slow their busy minds, and build on insights that prove to be profoundly helpful and ultimately life-changing.  You will develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the principles that explain how we as human beings can live and work with greater clarity, confidence, and ability regardless of our circumstances.

Consistent Outcomes From This Work:

  • Greater clarity in your thinking, more creativity, better decision making.
  • More confidence and patience, less stress and worry.
  • Better relationships and rapport in every area of life.
  • More enjoyment, gratitude and desirable feelings about life.

"How Is Never The Operative Principle"

It's not enough to know how to fish, or how to do almost anything for that matter. There are literally thousands of books, articles, YouTube videos, and many more sources for how-to information on everything under the sun. I teach you where to look for the source that provides the desirable outcomes, where to fish.

Business & Corporate

"The Most Important Factor"  

The most important factor affecting an organization or team’s ability to create solutions to difficult problems, or to operate efficiently and productively, is the state of mind of the individuals within it.  Working with Intentional Excellence, you and your team will grasp how significantly your mental state affects your work and how to elevate it to function at a higher level in any moment.  You will gain insights into the innate capacity everyone has to stay balanced, focused, creative, wise, and enjoying themselves in even the most challenging work environments. 

"The Universal Dynamic Behind Human Behaviour"

You will learn how the principles that define the human experience operate, how to use the new understanding to slow down and create new perspective and clarity.  Insights will seem to flow effortlessly and you can create access to higher levels of performance at any time.  Your team will be able to use the understanding to enhance individual and collective clarity and creativity for problem solving.  They will gain a better overall sense of goodwill and rapport enabling them to work together with more ease and always drawing out the best in each other.

"Better Performance And Productivity"

My work with leadership teams, departments and entire organizations helps people understand the human experience better  This understanding creates clarity in thinking, recognizing the humanity in everyone, which creates more collaboration and coordination of collective strengths and wisdom. This experience changes the climate and culture in ways that reduce stress and enable everyone to enjoy work more, collaborate better, communicate more effectively, and perform at higher levels much more of the time.  This new perspective doesn't just end on the job, the elevated state of mind, clarity, and enjoyment carry over into all aspects of life.

Consistent Outcomes From This Work:

  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and company profits.
  • Greater employee retention, resilience, and better decision making.
  • More passion for work, creative problem solving, and enjoyment.
  • Better rapport and personal relationships within your teams and organization.
  • More confidence and a reduction in stress and worry.
  • Better perspective on life overall, better relationships at work and home.

 Mandy Evans 

 Coach and best selling author of Travelling Free: How to Recover From the Past 

Successful business!

"David Wetmore draws on a wealth of life-experience, sharing what he's learned as the head of his own successful business and extensive training as a transformative life coach. His sincere desire for each of his clients to create the most wonderful life possible is inspiring." 

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David Wetmore, Founder & Leader

I work with successful professionals and organizations to assist with solving complex problems that keep them from achieving their goals and aspirations.  As a Transformative Coach, I have one agenda, whatever is YOUR most pressing issue. I am passionate about my clients' success and well-being, because my success depends on that!