Transformative Life Coaching

By David

First, what is life coaching?

Very simply, a life coach assists you in achieving personal goals or overcoming obstacles to your success or joy. There are three basic levels of life coaching and they each have their own characteristics and value.

At Level 1: Goals

a life coach will help you attain a tangible result. Career counseling, habit modification, and personal achievement goals are all examples of what Level 1 coaching will assist you with achieving. The results are tangible and measurable. Business or wellness coaching, sales training, and team building programs are some examples of Level 1 coaching.

At Level 2: Behavioral changes

your life coach will help you re-prioritize your issues. For example, you may feel as if your family life is deteriorating and what Level 2 coaching will assist you with is changing you and your family’s behavior, perhaps by introducing you to books and theories on family dynamics. The result might be a new attitude on your part and a new sense of family unity from your spouse and children. Motivational seminars and programs, religious outreach groups, and counseling organizations that encourage behavior modification along with goal setting are examples of Level 2 coaching.

At Level 3: Transformation

Transformative life coach guides you into the depths of your heart and soul to help you discover things about yourself of which you are not consciously aware.

There are no sacred cows in Level 3 coaching, we want to find your true passion and purpose.

We examine the beliefs and paradigms that have been instilled in your mind since birth. We work to eliminate the beliefs that are not serving you, and highlight and amplify the ones that are serving you. We look at your habits and behavior to discover how you are creating obstacles to your own growth and success. We take the veil off your true inner self by moving beyond your ego and finding the things that bring you true joy and fulfillment, not brief interludes of happiness and pleasure. We work to release the caterpillar from the cocoon and then to create a vision for the butterfly that emerges. We discover your true passions and unite those passions with a purpose to begin creating the life of your dreams, the life that brings you joy, peace, and real satisfaction. The life that can emanate only from your innate well-being.

  When we begin Level 3 coaching, we really have no idea where we’ll end up, but we trust that it will be good, and we know that the journey itself will be rewarding and thrilling. When we open ourselves to the infinite supply of possibilities, amazing things happen, bizarre turns of circumstance seem to provide opportunities for growth and opportunity that we could never have imagined. That’s what transformative coaching does, provides an opportunity to create a new and beautiful way of life. A life centered on well being.

About the Author

David Wetmore is the founder and CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) of Intentional Excellence in Columbus Ohio. His passion is teaching. As a transformative life coach, he is able to use his insights and creativity to assist people with finding their own unique passion and purpose. He counts some of the premier coaches in the world among his friends and colleagues. Contact David when you're ready to work on your thinking! (513) 543-6596