Happiness Now – The Mastermind

     The Mastermind!

Wherein we learn how to create a better experience of life by engaging in an eight-week in-depth study of the book 

“Slowing Down To The Speed Of Life”

by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey

What It Is & How It Works

In his book Think and Grow Rich“, Napoleon Hill described the Mastermind principle as, The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”, also known as, the Mastermind.

Who Is It For:  This is an immersive experience intended for people who want more than what they currently perceive as their circumstances.  The format is a small like-minded group meeting together in a spirit of mutual inclusion and service to one another.  It is interactive and synergetic.

Commitment:  8 weeks.  90 minutes/week to transform your life!  $299.

Where & When:  Meetings held weekly at the same time via Zoom, Skype, or telephone, whatever works for you.  The book will be furnished in hard copy or electronic.

What to expect:  Expectations are opportunity killers, so your takeaways and learnings from this program will be as unique as you are as an individual, and will likely reflect your level of engagement with the group.

Some Tangible Outcomes noted from other comparable programs have been -

  • By the third or fourth session all participants reported a rise in personal income.
  • Several participants have noted that they have expressed the thoughts of others or had others express their thoughts during meetings.
  • Nearly all participants have experienced a greater mental acuity during and after the sessions.
  • All participants have perceived a pleasant sensation associated with the discovery of a new core concept.
  • Supernatural phenomena of a religious or spiritual nature have been noted, or the sense of a universal or Cosmic Consciousness.

Some Intangible Outcomes from participating include becoming more:

  • Fulfilled, Purposeful, Accomplished, Excited, Empowered, Joyful, Creative, Productive
  • At ease with life with a renewed Peace of Mind

Why:  Because we are all born with Innate Well-being and this experience will help you re-discover that natural state.  Effortlessly!

“Everyone is doing the best they can given their thinking that seems real to them.” 

~ Sydney Banks

Structure & Format

Though there may be some who might label this merely a “book club", please note the primary differences below:

  • More than just a “book club”, this is a serious commitment intended for people who are motivated and serious about making effective and lasting changes to their lives.

  • Out of respect for others (and yourself), being on time is imperative; meetings will start and end promptly.

  • Participants are asked to please arrive prepared (having read the assigned chapters), pumped and positive! - All negativity is strictly prohibited.  We will stay focused from start to finish.

  • Please - no cell phones, checking email,or other distracting behavior during the meeting.  Your growth and results are directly proportional to your level of engagement.

  • You will receive daily inspirational messages designed to keep you connected with the inner child-like natural state you were born into.

  • You will also receive a personal one-one coaching session which is worth more than the fee by itself!

Your study of this amazing knowledge is only the beginning to the adventure of transforming and improving the course of your life and those you interact with!  Immersive and powerful from beginning to end.  Many Masterminds continue to meet for years after their initial formation and there are thousands of testimonials about the power of the experience.  

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Who's In Charge

Lynda Walsh and David Wetmore have teamed up to facilitate this program.  They are each extraordinarily experienced in group dynamics as both leaders and participants and are excited to share their knowledge and wisdom.   

I am in the business of assisting people to shift their minds so they experience significant improvements in their world. I am a Mindset Development Coach and Master Hypnotist. It is my absolute joy to assist people to get over, under, around and beyond any mindsets that have been holding them back. I use whatever tool is in my toolbox that fits for the client I am working with, from complimentary Success G.P.S. assessments, Conversational Hypnosis, Applied NeuroScience, and Brain Based Coaching. I have been in the mindset development business since 1993. I got into this business because my personal life was a mess, I was searching for something to help me get through the wall of sadness that I was living. I went to a hypnotist who helped me do what antidepressants and gallons of alcohol could not do.

I am Lynda Walsh - Mindset Development Coach and Master Hypnotist. When you’ve seen a thing or two, you know a thing or two!

www.lyndawalsh.com      lynda@lyndawalsh.com  

I am a coach, entrepreneur, philosopher, and writer.  I have first hand experience with success in the business world as an engineering consultant in industry for 30+ years.  I integrate that along with my extensive personal growth and development experience into my coaching and teaching.  My passion is to make a difference in people's lives, to approach every interaction as if it is the most important one that person will ever have.  And to demonstrate to people how remarkably easy it is to thrive in the natural flow of life!

My personal life experiences include a hitch as a paratrooper in the US Army, B.S. in mathematics and philosophy, explosives coordinator in a coal mine, truck driver, union representative, father and husband, golfer, yogi, sportsman and many other personal and professional endeavors!

My mission is to “To improve people’s lives by introducing them to concepts and ideas that invite insights into new possibilities and potential." 

https://intentional-excellence-llc.com/   davidkwetmore@gmail.com