Ego – The You of You

By David

Ego - The You of You

Ego - “The “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.”  That’s Webster’s definition.  I’m not sure Webster’s definition is large enough to encompass all the individual definitions and meanings assigned to the word Ego.  My definition for the purposes of this article is - “A person’s sense of themself in the world of form and creation.”

Our ego is the lens through which we see ourselves as an object in this continuously, unfolding creation we mentally interpret as reality.  How we want to be perceived by others, combined with how we think others perceive us is the basis of our own ego.  Our portrayal of that conception is how others experience our ego.

Our ego begins forming at birth.  We are born as a blank slate, no sense of self in the world, no socialization or indoctrination to teach us that we are anything other than an infinite loving creation.  When we are born,  we have no inner sense of self either, only the pure, energetic animating force.  Pain (undesirable) and pleasure (desirable) are the only sense we have of our physical selves. 

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About the Author

David Wetmore is the founder and CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) of Intentional Excellence in Columbus Ohio. His passion is teaching. As a transformative life coach, he is able to use his insights and creativity to assist people with finding their own unique passion and purpose. He counts some of the premier coaches in the world among his friends and colleagues. Contact David when you're ready to work on your thinking! (513) 543-6596