The Power Within: Embracing the Three Principles of Life

By David


In our journey through life, we often grapple with the fundamental question of our existence. Are we merely separate entities navigating a vast world, or do we hold the power to shape our own experiences? The profound words of Rumi remind us that we are not insignificant drops in the ocean; rather, we are the entire ocean encapsulated within a single drop. This perspective invites us to explore the inside-out version of life, recognizing our interconnectedness and the immense potential that lies within us. By understanding and embracing the Three Principles—Thought, Mind, and Consciousness—we unlock the ability to create a life aligned with our desires and aspirations.

The Outside-In and Inside-Out Paradigms

To comprehend the two contrasting views of existence, we can envision ourselves in a dollhouse-like world. In the outside-in paradigm, we perceive an array of separate entities, including people, objects, and even a distant deity. Our goal becomes navigating around these entities to cultivate positive emotions and experiences. On the other hand, the inside-out paradigm acknowledges the interconnected nature of all things. We are indivisible parts of a greater whole, and our life is an expression of our unique experience within this Oneness. While the outside-in perspective restricts us to accepting experiences as they are presented, the inside-out approach empowers us to shape our reality according to our thoughts and perceptions.

Understanding the Three Principles

The Three Principles—Thought, Mind, and Consciousness—serve as a philosophical framework to grasp the nature of our life’s experiences. These principles are inseparable from the experience they describe, much like gravity is integral to the act of falling. Thought, the first principle, filters our experiences and triggers our perception. Our interpretations of events are influenced by the judgments we have formed throughout our lives. Importantly, others involved in the same events are also crafting their unique experiences through their own thoughts and paradigms. However, we find greater connection with individuals who share similar experiences, such as our close friends, family, or coworkers.

Consciousness, the second principle, encompasses the field of all possibilities, the formless energy that manifests as our perceived reality. Our Consciousness allows us to be aware of events and circumstances, but we can never truly know another person’s experience. Each individual exists within their own world, intersecting with others in the vast field of Mind, or the Universe. Mind, the third principle, is the creator and creation itself—a perfect, infinite, and indescribable force. It is the fabric of the universe, the source of universal intelligence, and the formless substance that underlies all creation.

The Power of Choice and Creation

Realizing that we create our experiences from within is a liberating revelation. By consciously choosing our thoughts, we expand our Consciousness and establish a deeper connection with Mind. This awareness allows us to shape our lives according to our desires. As we envision the unfolding of our lives, our Consciousness expands, revealing more possibilities aligned with our thoughts. Our actions within this dream-like state are determined by our expectations and predictions of events and circumstances. By acknowledging our power to influence these outcomes, we can break free from habitual patterns and predictability.

Embracing Perfection

The notion that everything is perfect can be challenging to comprehend, given our inclination to judge events and circumstances. However, it is vital to recognize that Mind, the source of all creation, is inherently perfect. As manifestations of this divine perfection, we too are perfect. Embracing this radical idea can profoundly transform our self-perception and our understanding of the world around us. Our experiences, shaped by Consciousness, are unique and flawless in their imperfection.

Living in Alignment with the Three Principles

While the Three Principles offer a profound understanding of life, it is crucial not to overthink or force their application. Much like our heartbeat, which operates without conscious control, we naturally live within the precepts of these principles. Rather than attempting to consciously live by them, we can fully embrace our experiences in the present moment. Just as we allow a movie to unfold without dissecting the screen, the projector, or the film, we can surrender to the illusion of life and relish its enjoyment. By relaxing into this illusion, we find greater fulfillment and discover the true essence of living.


Understanding the Three Principles of life—Thought, Mind, and Consciousness—provides us with an enlightened perspective on our existence. By acknowledging our power to shape our experiences, embracing our interconnectedness, and recognizing the inherent perfection within us, we unlock the ability to create a life that aligns with our deepest desires. Ultimately, it is in surrendering to the illusion of life and living fully in the present moment that we discover the profound joy and fulfillment that awaits us.

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About the Author

David Wetmore is the founder and CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) of Intentional Excellence in Columbus Ohio. His passion is teaching. As a transformative life coach, he is able to use his insights and creativity to assist people with finding their own unique passion and purpose. He counts some of the premier coaches in the world among his friends and colleagues. Contact David when you're ready to work on your thinking! (513) 543-6596